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We took off from Honeyman State Park with the intention of driving another 70 miles to Bullards Beach State Park to stay but as we came into Coos Bay we saw a private RV park sitting right on the bay and decided to stay for a few days and explore the area.  The communities of Coos Bay, North Bend, and Charleston all sit right on a bay and become one large community so we figured there would be a lot to see.   We also wanted to visit a few day state parks and Cape Arago Lighthouse that were in this area.  Our second day at Coos Bay we took off for our day trip to visit the state parks and the lighthouse.  We always think that we can’t see another part of the coast that is more spectacular than the last area we visited but we are always proven wrong.  Cape Arago State Park had some of the most spectacular coast line that we have seen.  Besides the amazing scenery, Joe got to see more of his sea lions and after a little searching we found the lighthouse.  Cape Arago Lighthouse is privately owned so we could only take pictures from ¼ mile away.  It still was worth the trip because of the beauty in the area.

Our intentions were to leave Coos Bay the next morning but our Verizon broadband USB stick broke.  We discovered the nearest Verizon store was 2 ½ hours away.  We contacted Verizon and they shipped us a new stick but it forced us to stay put for 6 nights.  We also discovered we don’t always have the conveniences that we had back in Minnesota. 

We put our extra time to use and took another day trip.   This time we drove a little farther south to visit the next lighthouse, Coquille River Lighthouse in Bandon at the Bullards Beach State Park.  This was my favorite lighthouse just because of the outside appearance.  It was unique in shape and color.   Because of the time of the year, the lighthouse tours had stopped for the season but it was a fabulous lighthouse from the outside and was sitting on a beautiful spot on the jetty.  We also spent time walking around Old Town Bandon.  Bandon again sits on a bay so we walked through the fishing community and boats.  I think these smaller sea towns are both Joe and my favorite areas to explore.

We have one more lighthouse to visit in Oregon and a few more state parks to stay at before we leave the wonderful Oregon coast.

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