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We are the Boll’s, Linda and Joe. We have been married for 40 years and it has been our dream for many of those years to try full-timing.  In June of 2010 we decided to put our house on the market.   Because of the housing market we thought we would have at least a year to prepare for this big transition.  Surprisingly we had an offer Dec 31st and closed on the house Feb 7, 2011.

With jobs we couldn’t leave without giving a good notice and our first grandbaby due the first part of March we moved into an extended stay hotel close to our jobs with the intention of moving into our 5th wheel when the Minnesota weather warmed up.  Our precious granddaughter arrived Feb 28th and March 18th we moved into our 5th wheel to start our lives as full-timers but also decided to continue working until June 30th.

With the idea of becoming full-timers some very hard decisions needed to be made.  Giving up a house we had lived in for 38 years and raised our 4 children in, selling everything we had collected over those years, being away from our children but nothing compared to the idea of not being there for our new granddaughter.   We have had things happen in our lives that we have asked “why?” but believe all things happen for a reason.  We believe that this is meant to be at this time in our lives and will work hard to enjoy our retirement but also to be a part of our children and granddaughter’s lives.

July 1, 2011 we start our new lives.

April, 2017

So much has happened in the past 6 years but the best thing is that we have added a daughter-in-law, a son-in-law and three more grandkids.  I say over and over again how blessed we are.  Zach got married in June of 2012 to Lauren and then added Vivian June 1, 2016 to their household.  Amanda married Ron in November of 2012 and added Adalyn to their household on January 10, 2017.  Cassie and Aaron added our only grandson to their household in July of 2013, Alex.  He is such a papa’s boy.   We are blessed!  We love to travel but always look forward to getting back to the grandkids.

We currently have about 7 states in the northeast corner that we have not visited since we have retired and the state of Hawaii.  We hope to get these in the next few years but if we don’t we have already seen so much.

It is hard to believe that we are in our 6th year of full-timing.  Where does time go?  We try every day to get out for a walk/hike and also to meet new people.  We have become less interested in the touristy things and more interested in history of this great country.   We hope to continue our adventure for many more years.

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