Lake Cochiti Corp Campground, New Mexico – March 2018

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We are just finishing our 14 day stay at Lake Cochiti COE campground in Cochiti, New Mexico.  This park would be listed as one of our top ten parks we have stayed in during our first seven years of full-timing.  We will definitely be back.

During our stay we have hiked in Tent Rock, hiked the 5 mile long dam, hiked along the cliffs of the Rio Grande which runs through the park, and hiked many miles on trails in the park. In all we put on 61 miles in those two weeks.  Loved all the hikes we were able to take.

The park is between Santa Fe and Albuquerque, 30 miles north to Santa Fe and about 40 miles south to Albuquerque so when we needed supplies or getting my hair cut and Lily’s we went into Santa Fe.  Otherwise we were “in the country”.  Loved this!

We had snow two days, one we woke up in the morning with snow covered mountains and the other it snowed off and on all day so we had nice walks in the snow.  Nothing stayed on the ground but remind us of MN.  We had a couple of days of terrible wind which gave us a scare because we were camped on a cliff.  A few days before we were scheduled to leave the prediction was 35 mph winds with gust up to 65 to 70 mph.  We decided to move off the cliff and glad we did when the winds came.  Winds can be pretty strong at this time of the year in the south.

We are off to another New Mexico State Park.  Another new adventure!

Stay safe!  Love to family and friends!