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Here I am the first part of August going back to catch-up on our blog for the end of April.  I’d just skip this time but I have to write a little about our trip along the Mississippi River coming from Ohio back to Minnesota.

Thomson Causeway COE ParkWe were fortunate to find this beautiful Corp of Engineer Campground on the Mississippi River in Thomson, IL.   This was a fantastic find.  Not only was it just $9.00 a night (with our senior pass) but we had a site right on the river that was fabulous.  This park was exceptional not only because of the many sites on the river but they had a very large section that was first come sites.  We have discovered with our traveling that if you go into a park like this after a weekend you can normally get a great site and that we did here.  This will be a must to go back to.

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Our reason for going in this direction heading back to Minnesota was so we could stop in Savana, IL to visit Frank Fritz’s shop from the History Channels ‘American Pickers’.  We thought as long as we had visited Mike’s shop in Nashville we were curious about Frank’s shop.   The two shops are totally different.  It’s no wonder they never mention this store on their show.  The store is connected to a bar (that you have to walk through to get to the store) and it looked to be more a consignment antique store.  The town of Savana is a dying community.  We see to many of these little towns as we travel.  The best thing about Savana was Poopy’s.  We used Trip Advisors again to find a place to eat and Poopy’s had great reviews and even with a name like that we decided to try it.  Poopy’s is a biker’s paradise.  As we pulled up sitting in the parking lot were about 50 motorcycles.  The inside had motorcycles above the bar and hanging from the ceiling.  They had a huge outside seating area with a stage for bands and that is where all the bikers were.  Of course what is a biker’s bar without its own tattoo shop and Poopy’s merchandise for sale?   It was quite an experience but the food was well worth it.  I’d list some of the things that were on the menu but I don’t want to use that language in our blog.  Fun place to try – would we go back or recommend it?  Yes to both!

Our intentions were to stay at another COE campground along the Mississippi River as we travelled back to Minnesota but flooding prevented that.  We will go back and stay in that area again and yes have lunch at Poopy’s.

Always stay safe!