Wedding in Ohio

On Our Minds
June brought us to Ohio for our son’s wedding.  As parents we would all like to be able to do the “picking” of our children’s spouse.  Joe and I are very fortunate.  We couldn’t have picked better for any of our kids.  Our son Zach moved to Ohio seven years ago at the age of 22 to take a job that his Uncle Art offered him.  I remember watching him drive out of our Jordan drive-way by himself, car packed with clothes and a few essentials for the 800 mile trip to Ohio. I thought "he'll be back". He moved in with his Uncle’s family for a few months before he found an apartment.  Joe and I then packed up a U-haul with all of his belongings and made the trip to OH…
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Hanging Out -May 2012

We decided to get out of Dakotah Meadows for a little bit and meet Joe’s sister and her husband, Bonnie and Tim, in Duluth for a long weekend.  On our way to Duluth we made a stop for a few nights at one of our favorite Minnesota State Parks, Wild River, in Center City.  We love this state park for several reasons; great hiking trails, nice biking trail, and the sites are far apart and very wooded.  The wild flowers were in full bloom.  The woods were full of beautiful white and pink trillium, purple lupine, and red columbine.   For those who know me know how much I love my flowers.  It was nature’s way of giving me a bouquet of flowers without disturbing them.  Loved it! Off we went…
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