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We are back at our Minnesota location as of Aug 30th.  Hard to believe we have been to Alaska and back.  They say that times flies when you are having fun or time flies as you age and both of those are true for Joe and me.

We thought we would recap some of the highlights of our Alaskan adventure

  • Have been in the mini for 112 days and still counting (May 13th until present)
  • In Alaska 53 days
  • Drove 9,608 miles from St. Louis Park, MN on May 26th to St. Louis Park, MN on Aug 30th
  • Dry camped (no electricity or water) 30 of the 97 days
  • So many animals and birds   –  Wood buffalo and Yellowstone buffalo,  Elk,    Pronghorn deer,  Big horn sheep,  Moose and babies, Antelope, Mountain goats, Dall sheep and babies,   Caribou,  Fox,   Black/brown/grizzly bears, Trumpeter swans ,  Eagles, and  Sandhill cranes
  • Mountains and more mountains
  • Waterfalls and more waterfalls
  • Lakes and rivers
  • Glaciers and glaciers we walked on and more glaciers
  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Meeting people from all over the world and making new friends
  • Getting to see a horned puffin up close
  • Seeing a grizzly up close – maybe in Joe’s case a little to close
  • Absolutely no issue with the truck or mini

Our most memorable experience was the plane trip over the volcano and the close experience with the coastal brown/grizzly bears.  We absolutely loved that adventure and are so thankful we did it.

Our MiniWe met a couple recently who we talked to about our Alaskan adventure in our mini.  The woman looked at us and said that Joe and I must really like each other to stay in such a small unit for that many days.  I guess we really do like each other because it truly was a wonderful adventure.  We feel so blessed that we had the opportunity to see the beauty and experience the adventure we experienced together.

In the words of Louis Armstrong –   What a wonderful world!

Stay safe!  Love to all family and friends.

If you enjoy reading our blog send us a note.  We don’t know if it gets read unless we get a reply.  We are thinking of discontinuing it because after four years we are not sure if anyone cares what Joe and Linda are doing.