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We have a new granddaughter – Vivian Eileen!   She was born June 1st (a few weeks early) weighing in at 6lbs 8oz and 19 inches long.  Of course she is absolutely beautiful and so tiny.  We arrived in Cincinnati on June 6th and stayed  three weeks.  We cherished every minute we could spend with Vivian, Lauren and Zach.  The kids were so tired, of course, but showing their fabulous parenting skills.  We even got to babysit one night for a few hours while they went out for a little dinner, a break they needed as do all new parents.  What a precious buddle of joy this new grandbaby brought into our lives.  It was hard to leave this little beauty.  The kids have been sending pictures and she is growing and changing as is expected but we can’t wait until we can hold her again.

From spending time with our newest grandbaby we went to Wisconsin to spend time with our other two grandkids, Cate and Alex, over the 4th of July at their land with their mom and dad.  We had such a great time.  We did campfires roasting S’mores and just hung out.  Poor little Alex decided to grab the end of a sparkler and burned two fingers.  It was hard to watch the hurting he was having but he was a real trooper.  A few band aids, a little cuddling and he was back to playing.  We always have fun camping with the grandkids.

We made a detour from WI before we went back to Dakotah Meadows to Two Harbors, MN and stayed three nights at Burlington Bay Campground on Lake Superior.  We lucked out and got a beautiful site overlooking the lake.  The weather was perfect except for a storm that came in for a few hours one evening.  But even the storm provided us with some unusual clouds and a spectacular sunset.

So we are back to our MN home base for the summer.  We had a Niece’s wedding the day after we got back and saw many of my relatives.  We hope to catch up with friends in the next month or two and have a few more doctor appointments that need to be taken care of.  We are going to Grand Marais, MN in August for a week with Aaron, Cassie and their kids and our son Eric (can’t wait).  Somehow we stay busy with “things”.

Life is so good for Joe and me considering everything that is happening all over the world.  Tomorrow we are taking Cate and Alex to see the movie “The Secret Life of Pets” and an overnight stay – fun time in the Boll RV!  Lauren just sent me a picture of Vivian at six weeks old today and she is changing so much but still our little beauty.  Brought tears to my eyes because she is growing so fast.  And our daughter and son-in-law, Amanda and Ron, announced that they are pregnant.  With a lot of prayers from family and friends and good doctors, two people who thought they would never be parents are expecting a baby in January.  Amanda took me with this past Monday to her weekly ultrasound.  I got to watch our grandchild of 4inches 2 ounces be so active in the womb.  Life is so good!   What more can I say than we are blessed!

I forgot to mention a new experience we had camping in Indiana on our way back to MN.  We needed to have some brake work done on the Lifestyle in Elkhart, IN and had an appointment scheduled for June 28th.  We were to arrive there the night before and stay in their parking lot (they had electric hook-ups) At 6 a.m. the next morning they moved our 5th wheel into this huge building that had 5 stalls for working on RVs and that is where the Lifestyle stayed for the next 36 hours.  We had to be out of it during their working hours from 6:30 to 2:30 but could sleep in it as long as we were out by 6 a.m. the next morning.  Our first experience of sleeping in the RV in a building while employees continued to work through the night on second and third shifts.   It was noisy with the equipment all around (they didn’t work on our unit during the night) and especially when the break-time whistles went.  It was an interesting experience.

Stay safe and enjoy your summer!  Love to all of our family and friends and especially to our kids and grandkids and future grandbaby.

Very little is needed to make a HAPPY life.  – Marcus Aurelius