Oh The Places We Will Go!

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We set a date of Aug 9th to start our adventure. We were finally going to leave Minnesota and start the next stage of our life – full-timing. Oh, we have been living full-time in our 5th wheel since March but staying pretty close to “home” (Minnesota). With work done and all of our paperwork finally finished it was time to leave. Our last week in Minnesota was a fabulous week. There were luncheons with friends, dinners with family and friends and a lot of family time. Our son Zach flew in from Ohio for 4 days. We were able to have a couple of days with the entire family but there always felt like something was missing. Our future daughter-in-law, Lauren, was unable to come with Zach because of work and she was dearly missed. I guess a parent always wants “all” their children together. Lauren, see you at Christmas when we can all be together. Through these days together as a family we realize just how blessed Joe and I are in so many ways. Thank you kids!


The final gift before we took off was being able to have granddaughter Cate overnight. She had her first overnighter with grandpa and grandma. She was so much fun and an absolutely perfect baby. We were now ready to leave Minnesota and our family.


We ended up not being able to leave until Aug 11th because of a last minute dentist appointment and a few more hours at Toro for Joe. As we were driving down the road towards the North Dakota border I think it really hit me, I won’t see the kids or baby Cate until Christmas – tears. Joe tells me that time goes so fast, we can talk to the kids every day, we can use Skype, the kids have their own lives and they want us to do this. I know he is right.


We spent 3 nights at Maplewood State Park and 2 nights at Buffalo Lake State Park in Minnesota before crossing that border out of Minnesota. Oh the places we will go!