Our Four Legged Companion – Lily

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Lily had a really rough few months fighting off big dogs.  At three separate campgrounds she was attacked by big dogs.  Her first was by a golden retriever who was not on a leash ran out and jumped on her.   I think the dog wanted to play with her but scared her enough not to want to be by big dogs.  The second was a standard poodle that was tied to a lawn chair and as Lily and I walked by pulled the chair to the road and took Lily to the ground with her mouth.  Needless to say I did a lot of screaming to get the dog off her.  The last was the worse when a Rottweiler broke his leash that was tied to the picnic table, ran out to the road and picked Lily up in his mouth and carried her a few feet.  That dog’s owner was hitting the dog and tried to pry the dog’s mouth open before the dog finally released Lily.  My screaming was even louder this time.  It was dark out so we couldn’t see if Lily was injured.  Thankfully, Lily had her heavy harness on and the dog didn’t bite through it otherwise I don’t think she would have survived.  Needless to say, Joe and I and especially Lily are very watchful of big dogs as we go for our walks.  There have been several times when we pick her up as we approach a big dog.  Sometimes people make remarks like their dog is very gentle and would never hurt her but that is what the owner of the Rottweiler told us.  Scary times for all of us.

Love to all!