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I am really frustrated.  I have been searching for a new dog since our Ivy died in January.  As we gone through states and communities I’ve checked local pounds, humane societies, and rescues.  Most of the pounds and humane societies have larger dogs or the small ones go so fast you don’t have a chance.  I discovered if we want to adopt a pit-bull or pit-bull mix we wouldn’t have any trouble but for many different reasons that is not going to happen.  My first choice when I do a search is a Bichon.  With having Bichons for 16 years we know the breed and love their personalities.

Here is my frustration.  I have filled out so many adoption applications and have been turned down.  There are many different excuses but these are the ones we hear the most:

  • ·         Don’t think the dog is a good fit.
  • ·         We have to live in the state where the dog is being adopted from.
  • ·         Don’t have a fenced in yard.

If anyone has ever attempted to rescue a dog and does a search you would see how many dogs need a home.  I will admit I might be a little fuss with my choice but there are many Bichons out there that are in rescues that need a home and I have put in an application for other small dogs and have been turned down.  Today was just another day of being told no because we didn’t have a fenced in yard.  I am so frustrated and don’t understand the thinking of these rescue places.  This dog was rescued from a puppy mill and the rescue place felt that the dog needed to be able to have a yard to run in and was willing to wait for someone to come along with a yard.  They didn’t want to see the dog going outside on a leash but offered us another dog from their facility.    I don’t understand that it is okay for one dog to be taken outside on a leash but not another.  We could give this dog so much love but we don’t have a fenced in yard.  Tell me I’m crazy!

I love my children and they love their dogs but my kids work and their dogs are locked up 8 to 10 hours a day while they are at work just like our Abby and Ivy were when we were working.   They can let them out in their fenced yards when they come home, the dogs do their thing and then are back in the house.  All working family’s schedules are busy and they might have time for a quick walk but then what?  I might be just plain angry right now but I think we could provide a dog with just as good of a life if not better without the fenced in yard.    Joe and I are retired and have so much love and time to give to a dog.  We just need to be looked at as more than someone living in an RV. 

So this has become one of my frustrations of being a full-timer.  Are we looked down on because we don’t have a stick house with a fenced in yard?  Or is it that people who don’t know what full-timing is all about is not willing to open their minds to the possibilities?

As always stay safe and I know that there is a dog out there that will find us and rescue me from my frustrations.