Summer in Minnesota

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As I look back at the summer months we spent in Minnesota I wonder where they went.  We didn’t get to spend enough time with friends and didn’t even get to see some of our old friends.  Hopefully we can catch up with a few of them in October when we are back in MN for a few weeks.

AlexFamily time was great with the addition of our new grandson, Alex.  He is growing like a weed as most new babies do.  His mom can’t wait until he sleeps through the night.  We have had a few opportunities to watch him while mom and dad got out of the house but haven’t had him overnight yet.  We need to do that before we head south.  Granddaughter, Cate, has spent a few nights with us and we always have fun but as she gets older we realize how much we don’t know anymore (at least that is what Cate tells us).  Both Alex and Cate are such blessings to us that we can’t imagine what life was like before them.  So many times little things remind us of something Cate has said to us and we both laugh at the same time.  She has started calling me Grandma Boll which I discourage because Joe’s mom is Grandma Boll and by calling me that I feel OLD.  So I try to tell Cate I’m Grandma Linda but she won’t hear of it.  I’m Grandma Boll and that is that.  Of course, Joe is still Papa and not Grandpa Boll.  Yes our little Cate is going on three but is she really?

Zach and Lauren flew in from Ohio over Labor Day to meet their new nephew, Alex, and spend time with family.  It was great being able to get together with all our kids.  My sister Nancy and her family, John, Robert, Ali, and Sam flew in from CA to move Sam back into his apartment at St. Thomas and we were able to have a picnic with our family and their family.  I haven’t seen them in over a year so it was a great day.  Then on Sunday Zach, Lauren, Cassie, Aaron, Amanda, Ron and Eric went to the State Fair and grandpa and grandma got to have a fun day with the grandkids.  I think a fun day was had by all.

Now it is back to Ohio for a few weeks and then we will be back in MN for fall before we head south for the winter.  We will have a few more rocking times with Alex and play dates with Cate, maybe a lunch or two with our girls, Cassie and Amanda and a movie or two with Eric.  Time just goes to fast!

Stay safe and enjoy your family!