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We are done, retired, finished with work.  It really hasn’t sunk in that neither of us will ever have to return to work. Wow!

Friday morning, July 1st we took off to “The Lake”.  Our daughter and son-in-law graciously allowed us to camp out on their lakeshore for 10 days. No cell phone service, no television, no internet service and actually no newspaper for 10 wonderful days.  It sure was a nice way to de-clutter the brain after so many years of work.  Every evening we took the paddle boat out on the lake (oh yes, no motors on the lake) to watch and listen to a pair of loons.  Some nights we stayed out long enough to watch the sunset.  We were in pure heaven.

People ask how it is going with Joe and I living together 24/7.  I guess we can say that after being so isolated for 10 days and we didn’t kill each other we really don’t have any worries.  Of course, the first 3 of those 10 days we spent with our Cassie, Aaron and baby Cate.  That was also heaven for this grandma.  I bought a “grandma” rocking lawn chair and used it every chance I could take.  Talk about a way to de-clutter the brain.  Just rocking that little princess takes all the stress away.

It was hard to leave the lake to go back to Dakotah Meadows but insurance papers needed to be signed and a few other business things needed to be taken care of. Hopefully we will get back there one more time before we take off for Wyoming.

After a few days at Dakotah Meadows we took off for Ham Lake to have some work done on our Sunnybrook 5th wheel.  We decided to stay on that side of the Twin Cities for a few days.  After calling around to four different campgrounds we finally found a spot for the weekend.  I guess with the MN state parks closed the private campgrounds fill up fast.

We ended staying at Country RV and Campground in Isanti for 10 days instead of just a weekend.  It was so hot we decided to stay under the nice shade trees we had instead of going back to no shade at Dakotah Meadows.  Our daughter Amanda decided to drive the 60 miles from her place to spend a day and night with us.  It was to hot to cook outside or spend to much time outside so we just stayed in and had a very nice visit.  Sunday morning Amanda took off for home and we enjoyed another couple of days trying to stay cool.

I finally drove the truck pulling the 5th wheel.  That wasn’t so bad but Joe thought he could teach me to back it up into our campsite.  Well, I guess I’m just not ready for that
because after several tries and Joe patiently telling me which way to turn the steering wheel I finally just got out of the truck and nicely told him to do it.  That is just one big thing to back up into what I thought was a small area.  Of course, Joe gets in and just so easily puts the 5th wheel into our site.  I guess I really don’t care about learning to back that thing up.