Two Questions

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Joe and I are starting our 6th year of full-timing.  It is so hard to believe!  It seems like yesterday we sold our house and moved into our home on wheels.  As we have travelled the country and tell people we meet that we are full-timers we get asked the same questions: how do you like it? how long have we been full-timing? how many states we have visited?  what is our favorite state? how do we get our mail? are we afraid to stay in certain places?   These are asked over and over again but while we were at one of the state parks in Georgia we were asked two questions from two different individuals that we have never been asked and both questions were surprising.  One gave me a lot more thought than the other.

Question 1 –  After saying we were full-timers we were asked what was our home state.  Of course, we always answer Minnesota because that is where we were both born and raised.  But the next part of the question threw us.  “Oh, Minnesota didn’t vote for Trump”.   That was a wow!  That was pretty much the end of the conversation.

Question 2 – Again after sitting around a campfire with a very nice couple from Georgia and we were talking about full-timing she asked “Where do you go when you want to go home?” We told her that home was where we parked the camper but most important home was where our kids and grandkids are.  We have always said our kids are the most important part of our lives and if they need us we will be there – home!

After spending three wonderful weeks in MN with our family as we made the 700+ mile trip back to OKC as we unlocked the door to the 5th wheel and walked in the door we looked at each other and said “It is good to be home!”