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On road from AZ to NMIt seems like all we do lately is drive in wind.  Driving from Benson, AZ to Las Cruces, NM wasn’t any different except maybe the wind was a little stronger.  When we get up in the morning the wind is pretty calm but every day it picks up by the afternoon.  One day we got a few drops of rain and then the wind.  Do I need to say more?  Our truck looked more brown than black.  The truck got washed but the 5th wheel will have to wait a little longer.

Sunny Acres RV ParkWe decided to stop at Las Cruces, NM to get out of the wind.  Nice RV Park that had been converted from a mobile home park to an RV park.  Each site was nicely spaced and had grass surrounding it.  Didn’t think I would miss grass so much.  Lily misses even more.  Las Cruces is like every other city but on the outskirts was an old Spanish community of Mesilla.  The adobe buildings are from the 1800’s and most of them are still being used.  The town has a center plaza where vendors set up booths to sell things.  Because they are redoing the plaza there were only a few vendors. We were told that most days there are performers in the plaza dancing.  We missed out on that and also an old church that we wanted to peek inside was locked.   The plaza was surrounded by little shops and restaurants in these quaint adobe buildings.    We had fun going through the shops and had a wonderful lunch at an authentic Mexican restaurant. 

Spanish community of Mesilla. Church at Mesilla. Spanish community of Mesilla. Spanish community of Mesilla. Spanish community of Mesilla. Spanish community of Mesilla.


When Joe and I park or leave an RV park we always check and double check our surroundings making sure we aren’t going to scratch the side of the 5th wheel on tree limbs or hit a post that is marking the site.  I guess even when we think we have checked everything there is always that one time that we miss something.  Our site had a nice big shade tree sitting on the edge of it.  Yup you guessed it.  As I stood at the back of the 5th wheel I watched as the back-end swung into the tree.  I yelled for Joe to stop but no amount of yelling would he be able to hear me.  When we park we use walkie-talkies.  When we leave we haven’t been using them.  Lesson learned – walkie-talkies at all times.  So we now have our first bump on our new home.  Poor Joe was beside himself but with a little reminder about how things could be so much worse we moved on.  We’ll get it fixed when we get back to Minnesota.  Cassie and Aaron you might have guests while we have a little repair done.  We will have to look for a bike repair shop also.  Joe’s new bike got it too.  It looks pretty funny right now.  Trees don’t move for either a 5th wheel or a bike hanging out the back side of that 5th wheel. 

alien’s landingWhat would be a drive through New Mexico without a stop at Roswell, site of area 51 and the alien’s landing.  As we walked down the streets we noticed that most of the shops carried t-shirts and other stuff with little green men on them.  Nope we didn’t go into the stores or buy any little green men stuff.   But we can say we saw it.   We went through a museum that was boring but maybe to the believers it would have been interesting.  A little know fact about Roswell besides the alien landing was that in 1945 the airplane that carried the atomic bomb to Japan took off from the Roswell Air Force Base.  Also another interesting thing was at the campground we stayed at they put us on site 51.  We waited for the aliens all night and unless they took us and brought us back without us knowing, no aliens. 

Off we head to Texas and more wind.  We try not to complain because it could always be snow and regardless of the wind most days are warm.

Stay safe!  Two weeks to see Zach and Lauren.  Can’t wait for hugs (that means you Zach and of course Lauren).