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So here we were with our second wedding in a year.  Our 30 year old twins decided to both get married in 2012,  Zach in June in Ohio and now Amanda in Naples, FL. 

Naples is a beautiful city filled with many elderly people.  The beaches are wonderful and downtown Naples is so charming and beautifully lit up at night.  Amanda and Ron picked the perfect spot for their wedding.  It was so them.  All of our kids, Cassie, Aaron, and granddaughter, Cate, Zach and Lauren, Eric, and my 91 yr old dad flew in on Friday for the Saturday sunset wedding (except Eric who came in early in the week).

This was our first opportunity to meet Ron’s family except for his mom who we had met previously on two different occasions.  After meeting Ron’s family we understand where he gets his ability to make you feel so at home around him.  His mom and step-dad, Monta and Ken, opened their home to all of us Friday evening for a wonderful evening of food, drinks and conversation.   Ron’s dad and step-mom, Ron Sr and Nancy, came in from Ohio for the celebration as well as Ron’s step-brother and friend, Doug and Deb.  Doug and Cassie were Ron and Amanda’s best man and best girl for the wedding with granddaughter Cate as the cutest flower girl there ever was.

Saturday we started the day with the girls going to have our hair, nails and make-up done.  We had a little mimosa while we got prettied up.   After a few of us went for a light lunch before we headed back to the Naples Hilton to get ourselves ready and get the bride dressed.  All of us except Amanda, Joe, Cassie and Cate boarded a shuttle to take us to the beach for the ceremony.  An arch and chairs was set-up on the beach with the officiator and Ron patiently waiting for the bride to arrive.  It was fun to watch all the strangers set-up their chairs or sit on the beach to wait for the bride’s arrival.  When Joe and Amanda stepped out onto the beach, Amanda welcomed all the strangers to her wedding.  It was pretty special!  People hung out to watch the celebration.  It was a very special ceremony with the kids writing their own vows and as the beautiful bride and handsome groom were exchanging vows some dolphins swam by.  It had to be a good sign.



After taking pictures on the beach we were shuttled back to the Hilton for dinner and a little dancing.  It was such a wonderful day.  They couldn’t ask for better weather or a more perfect beach to get married on.  Ron’s mom and step-dad had done so much reconnaissance work over the last year.  They checked out beaches, hotels, beauty salons and whatever else the kids needed them to check out.  They would find information and sent it to Ron and Amanda.  It sure made their day go as spectacular as it did.  Considering Ron and Amanda planned their wedding almost 2000 miles away from where it was to take place it went off perfect but I don’t think they could have done it without Monta and Ken’s help.  Kudos to two wonderful people.

We had one more full day with our kids before they flew off to their homes in Minnesota and Ohio on Monday.  We had a picnic and reminisced about the beautiful wedding day.  Oh, Joe and I also got a little “Cate” time in when Cassie and Aaron took a few hours to explore Naples.  Next to the wedding that was our favorite time. 

We have had three weddings in our family and when I look at each of those weddings I think each of our children picked a wedding to match their personality.  Each was beautiful and each has married a beautiful person.  Joe and I are the luckiest parents.  Now we just need a few more grandbabies.

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