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Returned to our home state, Minnesota, mid-April.  So much to do – dentist’s appointments, doctor’s appointments, family and friends to see.  Our first priority was to see our granddaughter, Cate.  She is so much fun but was a little afraid of grandma.  I think I was so excited to see her that I frightened her.  Then it was wedding dress shopping with daughter Amanda.  It is one of the best days a mom can spend with a daughter.   It was a fabulous day because I got to spend the day with both of my girls and Amanda found a stunning dress to wear for her November wedding. 

Our five weeks at Dakotah Meadows was filled with a lot of catching up with friends and family.  Joe and I were lucky to share a few lunch breaks with old work friends.  It is always fun to catch up with them but also sad that it can only be a short lunch for those that are still working.  Joe had a couple of opportunities to have lunch with his old lunch pal, Doug.  He and Doug went out to lunch every day for years and I think they both miss each other’s company.  Hopefully they will get in a few more lunches over the summer.  One day I was able to sneak in a five hour lunch with two friends, Beth and Paulette and it really wasn’t long enough.  So much to catch up with when you only see each other once or twice a year.  Of course we had to meet with our dear friends, Sharon and John, a few times.  We are waiting for them to retire so they can get on a plane and meet us down south next winter.   A trip to our old home town of Jordan to put flowers on my mom’s grave for Mother’s Day also gave us a chance to stop by the old neighborhood and have a nice visit with Rosie and Jim who were our neighbors for almost 40 years.   Hope Jim is doing better and has a fast recovery. 

We were also so lucky to have our granddaughter, Cate, stay with us a few times.  She is growing so fast and has started to walk.  She is such an excellent baby.  She is happy all the time (I’m guessing mom and dad say something different).    We spent a magnificent day at Como Park Zoo.  She loved the monkeys but got a little scared of the penguins.  We all went home tired.  Hope to spend a lot more time with her over the summer.

Our future daughter-in-law flew in from Ohio for a bridal shower hosted by Amanda and Cassie.  It was a wonderful weekend both with the shower and just seeing Lauren.  After the shower, the girls and I went to Chanhassen Dinner Theatre to see “Hairspray”.  It was one of the best musical I’ve ever seen and the Dinner Theatre did a superb job.  I think all four of us walked out of the theater energized.  I always realize after a weekend like this weekend how lucky I am as a mother.  We have amazing kids who have picked amazing people to spend the rest of their lives with.  What more can a parent ask for?  Oh, maybe just a few more beautiful grandbabies!

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