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Well we just spent three days in another of God’s little secrets – Prune Creek campground in the Big Horn National Forest. Small campground with no hook-ups but our site was right on Prune Creek.Absolutely beautiful!Big thanks to my brother, Wayne, for telling us about this place. The first day we were there we were a little irritated with the traffic noise because it is close to a major road that goes through the mountains. But it seems after you sit by the creek and listen to the sound of the water the traffic noise is just a small noise in the background.All three days at the campsite we had a visitor or I guess two visitors.A mama moose and her calf make their home around the campground and everyday they would eat willow along the creek.We could sit in our lawn chairs and just watch them.The last morning they crossed over the creek and ate the willow 10ft from our chairs.It was so much fun. 

 We meet a great couple from CA, Sue and Virgil. Sue was the unofficial camp host.She made sure you met other campers and was just a true pleasure to visit with.We enjoyed our campfire talk with both of them and learned so much about places we want to see from them.We parted company with a huge stack of books from Sue and hugs all around.I know we will be seeing Sue and Virgil again.

 The trip out of the Big Horns going into Cody, WY was spectacular. It was very slow going with a lot of switch backs and the grade level was steep but we made a lot of stops to take pictures.One of the stops was Shell Canyon.Marvelous photo stop of Shell creek and a beautiful waterfalls.

 As we were going down the mountain we saw a young couple with three children pulled over with the hood up so we stopped. Their alternator had gone out and they had come down a portion of the mountain without brakes using only the hand brake on the car.Joe help the man take out the battery from this pop-up camper and put it in the car.The car started up and we followed them down the rest of the mountain.They were on the last leg of their vacation to see Yellowstone and then heading back home to Canada.It was a great day to be able to help someone in those beautiful mountains.

 We made the mistake of making the decision to stay in Cody, WY at the Ponderosa RV Park. We thought it would be nice to stay right in town so we could do our wash and check out Cody.Wouldn’t you think with a name like Ponderosa that you would be in open country with a lot of space?Wrong!Our site was so close to our neighbors that I could hear their phone conversation.It was not fun being so crammed into a spot after our beautiful mountain experience.But the worst was as we were driving out of Cody heading to Yellowstone we came across one beautiful campground after another in Buffalo Bill State Park and Shoshone National Forest.Another lesson learned.We need to do a little more research.We stopped to see Buffalo Bill Dam outside of Cody.This was a stop very much worth our time.A very interesting bit of western history and also a very beautiful area.

 Off to Yellowstone –

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