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 We were in God’s country today. We are parked in Buffalo, WY on the outskirts of the Big Horn Mountains.The host at the RV Park told us about this drive through Crazy Woman Canyon in the Big Horn National Forest about 25 miles west of Buffalo.So we decided to pack a lunch, put the dogs in the truck and off we went.At about 25 miles out we turned on to a single lane dirt road.If you met an oncoming car you had to find a spot for one of you to pull over to let the other pass.  It was an adventure but an absolutely beautiful drive.We think it was about 20 miles on this road.The fastest we could drive was about 8 miles an hour but there was so much to see that we were stopping whenever there was a pullover to take pictures.A creek followed the road down the canyon.We started down the canyon at around 8,000 ft and when we came out we were at around 4,500 ft.Rocks, water, cliffs and trees – just beautiful.We stopped along the creek and ate our lunch listening to only the sound of the water rushing over the rock.  Truly God’s country!

Later in the day we decided to walk around the town of Buffalo which is a historical western town of about 4.500 people. Cute town!We split a burger at the Historic Occidental Hotel.The hotel was built in 1908 and restored in 1997.The saloon looks exactly like it did on its opening day over 100 years ago.Buffalo Bill, Teddy Roosevelt, Butch Cassidy, and Calamity Jane have all visited this historic place.It was very interesting and the food wasn’t bad either.

 Off we go to our next adventure.

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