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Our last stop in Oregon before hitting California was Harris Beach State Park.  I’ve said it so many times as we’ve travelled across Oregon that this state has the best state parks and Harris Beach is just another example.  The park sits atop the bluffs overlooking a spectacular view of rock formations on the beach and in the ocean.  Two relatively easy trails took us to the beach where at low tide we found the wonders of the tidepools.  One day while exploring the tidepools we saw well over 100 starfish along with many other tiny sea creatures.  We were also lucky enough to enjoy three nights of magnificent sunsets over the Pacific.

As we have walked the beaches along the coast we have been collecting small rocks.  Different are as seemed to have different types of rocks and it is fun to exam a rock for its beauty or the fossils on it.  At Harris Beach we did a little rock hunting and as we were looking I couldn’t help think of my mom.  She loved picking up rocks from all over and had a very large collection that she kept in her flower garden.   She moved those rocks with her from the country to their house in town.  I really miss her and wish I could share this adventure we are on with her but I know she is with me in my heart.   I also know that my rock collection will be a lot smaller – have to watch the weight in the 5th wheel or Joe might leave me alongside the road.

So now we are off to California.  We have been in Oregon 46 days.  While in Oregon we have stayed in eight State Parks, one National Forest, one County Park, and one private park.  Oregon has wonderful state parks.  We love Minnesota State Parks and think they are great but I have to say that Oregon has them beat.  All the parks we’ve stayed at have had at least electric and water hook-ups.  Some had full-hook ups and one even had cable TV.  The most we paid for a night was $24, the least $16 and we didn’t have to purchase an annual pass like MN.   Every park we stayed at had exceptionally large sites.  Of course, it didn’t hurt that at a few of them we were able to be close to the ocean.   We hope to visit Oregon again and see more of this wonderful state.

California here we come!

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