Ohio – Summer/Fall 2016

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With a new granddaughter in Ohio we made four trips to Cincinnati over the summer and fall.  After our initiate meeting of our beautiful Vivian in June we went back in August for a short visit.  She had already changed in that short period of time.  It is so hard to leave but we knew we would be back soon.   We made the trip back to see how much she had grown in Sept.  Her smile and cooing were so precious.  I tried to get in as much “grandma” time as possible.   Vivian’s baptism was Oct 9th and we were able to make one more trip to Cincinnati to enjoy the celebration with Zach and Lauren.  It was really hard to leave knowing that we wouldn’t see them again until January when we were all getting together in MN.  Vivian’s smile already had taken hold of her papa and grandma’s hearts.  Love our little Vivian!

Love to all!