Arizona Desert

On Our Minds, Traveling
Ok, I’ll have to take back some of my concerns about the desert.  There is beauty in some of the desert we have seen.  But some of it has been dusty and barren and doesn’t have a lot to offer (like trees). We started are Arizona journey in Quartsite, a supposedly must stay place for any RVer.  Quartsite is a town in the middle of the desert with a population of about 4,000 people.  But in January of every year thousands and thousands of RVers come to Quartsite for a couple of weeks of flea markets, RV sales and just about anything else RVers would be interested in.  They can set up camp in the desert for a few dollars a night with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  We…
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A Pitfall of RV Full-Timing

Full-Time RVing
People ask us all the time what we don’t like about RV full-timing.  I’ve voiced my dislike for laundromats.  I’d now have to add finding a dog groomer to my dislikes.  We never realized how wonderful it was to take our dogs to the same groomer for the past 14 years and she just knew how we liked the dogs groomed.  We have tried Petsmart and a private groomer in Oregon and they were so-so.  But we found this woman in Apache Junction who took the prize.  She was recommended by the KOA where we stayed.    We took in Ivy, a Bichon, and picked up Ivy, a Poodle.  When I dropped Ivy off the woman asked how I wanted her groomed.  I went over everything but she had other ideas. …
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