Rock Cut and Moraine View State Parks, IL

State Parks
We left Minnesota on Thursday, Sept 5th, to make our way back to Cincinnati for our nephew’s wedding and also a visit with Zach and Lauren.  Our first stop was in Rockford, IL at a state park we have stayed at several times, Rock Cut State Park.  Lovely Park with great hiking and biking.  In the three days we stayed we got in several miles of hiking each day and also made sure we got in some good biking.  It is nice now to be able to take Lily along when we go biking.  She loves sitting in her basket and just watches everything go by.  She is also a great little hiker but if she gets tired it is easy enough to carry a 10lb dog.              …
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Summer in Minnesota

As I look back at the summer months we spent in Minnesota I wonder where they went.  We didn’t get to spend enough time with friends and didn’t even get to see some of our old friends.  Hopefully we can catch up with a few of them in October when we are back in MN for a few weeks. Family time was great with the addition of our new grandson, Alex.  He is growing like a weed as most new babies do.  His mom can’t wait until he sleeps through the night.  We have had a few opportunities to watch him while mom and dad got out of the house but haven’t had him overnight yet.  We need to do that before we head south.  Granddaughter, Cate, has spent a…
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